Practice Management Institute Forges New Partnership with Lamar State College to Bring Affordable Medical Practice Specific Training to Port Arthur and Jefferson County, TX

Practice Management Institute® Partners with Foothills Medical Society- Lakewood /Denver In Exciting New Training Initiative for Affiliated Medical Practice Staff

Practice Management Institute Expands Partnership with Midland College to Bring Important Continuing Education Opportunities to Local and Regional Medical Practice Staff

PMI Shorts #3: Tidal Health Implements CMOM as the pathway for Practice Leaders

PMI Shorts #2: CMOM Beginnings & Journey: 25 Years in the Making

Practice Management Institute Partners with New Mexico Medical Society and the Greater Albuquerque Medical Association

Practice Management Institute Partners with Escambia County Medical Society

Practice Management Institute Welcomes Michelle Mauldin, BA, CMIS to Associate Instructor Team

From the Desk of the President March 2024

PMI Shorts #1: Medical Coding Course Series Takes New/Novice Coders to Expert Level

4 Reasons Why It’s Time to Get a CMOM Certification

Is Medical Coding a Good Career? - 5 Benefits of Being a Medical Coder

For Medical Society/Association Leadership - Building Revenue and Relationships Through Locally Hosted Training - Medical Society of Delaware Testimonial

How to Become a Certified Medical Coder

Practice Management Institute Partners with Hendrick Health Regional Services to Bring Important Web-based Programming to 139 Affiliated Regional Practice Staff

Practice Management Institute Expands Partnership with Tyler Junior College to Bring Important Continuing Education Opportunities to Local and Regional Medical Practice Staff

Practice Management Institute Names Washington County Community College 2023 Outstanding National Host Partner

Catholic Medical Partners Buffalo Hosts CPT & Regulatory update Training

Ascension Medical Group - Wisconsin to bring Certified Medical Office Manager (CMOM)® to its Practice Leaders

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System/Regional HealthPlus! Kicks-off 24th Year of PMI Training Partnership

University Health hosts PMI's annual 'Reimbursement Update' class in San Antonio

Practice Management Institute and Washington County Community College (WCCC) Launch New Patient Services Representative (PSR) Training Initiative in Maine

CMOM Training Class Starts in March:  Here's How to Prepare Now

Recruiting & Hiring a Great Medical Office Team - Ebook Overview

Build Better Patient Relations in Your Medical Practice

Navigating Carrier Guidelines for Optimal Practice Reimbursement

Redefining Your Leadership Posture

The Patient Experience: Tips for Improving Front Desk Communications

How to Improve Staff Retention: 7 Ways to Keep Employees Motivated

Leveraging Value-based Care in Your Practice

Crisis Leadership for Medical Office Managers

Pain Management Coding: guidelines for correct claim submission

How to Reduce Patient Collections in a Medical Office

Practice Management Woes: CMOM Challenges and Opportunities

Free Online Assessment Measures Medical Practice Management Readiness

Certified Medical Office Manager: Frequently Asked Questions

Best Practices for Recruiting Front Desk Medical Staff

10 Areas to Cover in Your Office’s Employee Manual

10 Tips for Selecting Top Talent for Your Practice

Managing Through a Crisis

CMOM Course Overview with PMI Faculty Member, Linda D’Spain

Meet Kathleen Riexinger - PMI's Director of Student Experience

Successful Patient Collections: Test Your Knowledge

Building Your A-Team: Interview Strategies to Hire Great Employees

Are You Really Listening? How to Build Active Listening Skills

Provider Time Management—7 Techniques for the Medical Office Manager

It's Almost CMOM Season: Prepare for New February Class

Get CMOM-Ready: 3 Courses to Prepare You for Certification Success

Why Quality Documentation Matters

How to Improve Medical Practice Revenue Cycle Management

OSHA Recordkeeping & Reporting Basics Every Manager Should Know

“You’re Hired!” PMI/WRK Aspire Program is Changing Lives

To Ask or Not to Ask - Interview Questions That Spell Trouble

An Elephant in the Room: How to Manage Poor Performing Medical Office Staff

Leading Through Change: Virginia Administrator Shares Journey

Ergonomics: Funny Word, Serious Workplace Safety Issue

How to Safely De-Escalate a Hostile Situation in a Medical Office

How Can Changes in Telemedicine Financially Impact Your Practice?

Tips for Developing a Workplace Violence Prevention Program

How to Properly and Safely Terminate an Employee

CMOM Certification is Within Your Reach: Take These Steps to Prepare Now

Why Do I Need CMOM Training & How Can I Justify It to My Manager?

Justice Department Announces New COVID-19 Medicare Fraud Enforcements

Tips for Better Revenue Cycle Management in a Medical Office

How to Negotiate Payer Contracts: Expert Insights for Your Practice

How to Promote Diversity & Inclusion in Medical Office Workplace Culture

Telehealth a Lifeline for Medical Practices: Proceed with Caution Say Experts

Practice Managers and Auditors: Learn to Stand Your Ground with Payers

Enough Is Enough: 5 Tips to Stop Burnout in Your Medical Practice

Practice Transformation Coach Debbie Rozanski Shares Tips to Beat Stress & Gain Confidence

Perseverance Through Change: Practice Manager Ashton Ardila's Journey

Education and Hard Work Have Helped Elizabeth Daley Set a Strong Foundation for Career Growth

PMI & Gastrologix Begin National Medical Practice Training Initiative

PMI Certification Renewal Questions Answered

Relaxing of the PHI Protections Introduced for Public Comment

HCC Coding Guidelines and Their Impact on Medical Practice Revenue

PMI Instructor Linda D'Spain Shares Frightening Encounter

Reimagining E/M Office Visits for 2021 and Beyond

Managing Disruptive Employees in a Medical Office: 9 Behaviors to Watch

Consolidating Debt in a Medical Office

Evaluation and Management Services Will See Big Changes in 2021

Medical Office Managers: Do You Know Your Legal Obligations in Relation to the Coronavirus Pandemic? Five Steps to Safety

Keys to More Productive Practice Management

Get Hired as a Medical Office Manager- Strategies to Get the Job

Will Earning a Certification in Medical Office Management Give You a Leg Up?

Phishing Emails Are a Huge Cybersecurity Risk

5 Ways a Medical Office Manager Certification Can Bolster Your Career

Cultivating a Great Medical Office Team

Performance Reviews Done Right

How to Successfully Recruit and Select Qualified Healthcare Professionals for Your Medical Practice

5 Ways to Improve Patient Collections in a Medical Practice

Time Management Tips for the Medical Office Manager: Delegation

Are You Ready for the CMOM Certification? Take This Assessment to Find Out!

HIPAA Compliance Checklists You Need Now to Safeguard Your Medical Practice

Pain Management: How Health Care Providers Can Curb the Opioid Addiction Crisis - Join the CMS Discussion

Medical Office Know-how—5 Ways to Improve Patient Collections

10 Ways to Reduce Overhead in the Medical Practice

2 Everyday Situations to Apply Time Management - An Ebook Excerpt

CMOM FAQ: How Can I Pay For CMOM?

Managing Time: What Is Important vs Urgent?

The Most Common HIPAA Compliant Transactions

Protecting Patient Information w/ HIPAA Electronic Security Standards

How to Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Medical Office

Identifying Medicare Overpayments and How to Resolve Them

Why We Host: Interview with Lindsay Usher, Northern California Medical Associates

7 Key Steps for Better Budget Planning in the Medical Office

Emergency Preparedness: Addressing and Preventing Violence in the Workplace

5 Ways to Protect Medical Office Employees From Workplace Chemical Hazards

In-house vs. Outsourced Billing: Tips for Medical Office Managers

Tips to Recognize and Control Identify Theft in a Medical Practice

7 Compliance Issues Medical Office Managers Must Navigate to Protect Their Practice

Exploring Quality Assurance in the Medical Practice—the Path to Patient Satisfaction

5 Best Techniques for Practice Time Management

Looking For Your Next Career Move? Try CMOM First.

Medical Office Recruiting Done Right: Writing a Rock Star Job Description

How to Effectively Manage Employees’ Time for Increased Patient Satisfaction

Medical Office Staff Meetings That Stick: Tips for Conducting a Successful Meeting

Practice Management Institute Leads the Charge to Lift Administrative Burdens that Contribute to Physician Burnout

Sexual Harassment Prevention in a Medical Office

5 Tips to Improve Medical Office Collections

Online Training for Non-Clinical Staff is Key to Practice Survival in Rapidly Changing Healthcare Climate

The Practice Liaison Program

Addressing Workplace Violence in the Medical Office

Why We Host: Interview with Marjohn Riney, BA, CPME, Operations Manager, Hendrick Health Provider Network

Patient Payment On File Programs Support Financial Liquidity and Stability

Rochester Billing Supervisor Shares Journey to Coding Certification

How to Address Risk Adjustment for Providers and Medical Coders

PMI Announces San Antonio as Host City for its 2018 National Conference for Medical Office Professionals

Negotiating Payer Contracts

How hospitals and healthcare organizations use PMI to win fans and influence physicians

Certified Medical Coders Protect Provider Reimbursement

Why We Host: Interview with Lisa Lee, Senior Manager, Outreach Development for University Health System

$68 Billion in Medical Billing Errors Puts Physicians’ Livelihood in Jeopardy

Using EHR Medical Coding Shortcuts May Put Physicians at Higher Audit Risk and Increase Billing Denials

Coding Guidelines and Preparation for Zika Virus

Outsourced Billing and Coding – Compliance Risks

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