Why Do I Need CMOM Training & How Can I Justify It to My Manager?

Posted by Practice Management Institute on Jun 11, 2021 9:00:00 AM
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Two of the most common questions PMI receives about the Certified Medical Office Manager credential are, "Why do I need a CMOM certification?" and "How can I get buy-in from my provider/supervisor?"  We asked PMI faculty member, Linda D’Spain, to share her thoughts and address these specific CMOM FAQs. Whether you are just starting out on your career journey or thinking about your next career move, watch the video or read on for insider tips to get you CMOM-ready. 



Why do I need CMOM training?

Linda D'Spain says, "If you're already an office manager, it is very important to get this credential because, in my personal experience and observation, so many office managers have been promoted from within. They have loyalty and longevity and are promoted based on job capability and abilities, but they really do not get the education that they need to run a multi-million-dollar practice that is heavily regulated with government regulations and very challenging revenue opportunities."

It's critical that a medical office manager is highly trained and educated in different areas of financial management, human resources, and managed care contracts, in order to successfully manage a medical practice.  

How can I justify CMOM training to my manager?

It's very important to educate the physicians on what CMOM training is and what is learned from the course that is a benefit to the practice. Many doctors are trying to run the practice themselves or they ask a spouse to come in and help. The spouse didn't necessarily sign up to help manage the practice and may not be aware of all the responsibilities they possess. Having a certification not only takes the responsibility off of a physician, physician’s spouse, or a family member, but it keeps the office running and protects the practice from liabilities. 

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