Crisis Leadership for Medical Office Managers

Posted by Nancy Clements on Oct 31, 2022 11:34:57 AM

You are thinking about the busy workday ahead as your car inches forward in heavy morning traffic. An incoming call from the medical office building manager changes the trajectory of your day. Downed power lines from a heavy storm have forced the offices to close indefinitely. Water has seeped into the building. Now your thoughts shift to the patient load for the week, in-office procedures scheduled for the day, and communicating with staff heading into the office. How can you address the closure, property damage, system outages, and other unknown perils as quickly as possible?

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Managing Through a Crisis

Posted by Nancy Clements on Apr 13, 2022 5:01:53 PM

By now, every medical practice leader in the nation has completed the "school of hard knocks" apprenticeship in Crisis Management, compliments of COVID-19. Hopefully, most have made it through unscathed and learned a lot in the process. Now that the pandemic waves appear to be subsiding, some medical office managers may be wondering whether to relax protocols and get back to pre-pandemic normalcy, stay on course, or prepare for new possible threats. The answers will present themselves in due time. 

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How to Safely De-Escalate a Hostile Situation in a Medical Office

Posted by Practice Management Institute on Aug 24, 2021 5:00:31 PM

Tense situations in a medical office are inevitable, and knowing how to de-escalate a potentially violent situation is a skill that every provider and employee needs to know.  You hope you never have to use it, but having an emergency action protocol and team response training will help protect your team when seconds count. 

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Tips for Developing a Workplace Violence Prevention Program

Posted by Practice Management Institute on Aug 13, 2021 7:45:00 AM

Nearly 2 million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence each year, and the number has only grown since the start of the pandemic. While workplace violence can strike anywhere and at any time, the risk of assault can be prevented or minimized if employers take appropriate precautions.

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Topics: medical office compliance, medical practice issues, workplace violence

Emergency Preparedness: Addressing and Preventing Violence in the Workplace

Posted by Practice Management Institute on Jul 11, 2019 6:00:18 PM

Every year nearly 2 million American workers are exposed to violence in the workplace. Astonishing as it sounds, experts say it’s just a fraction of the cases that take place; many incidents are never reported. The propensity for violence in the workplace has escalated in recent years, and notably in healthcare. From verbal abuse to physical violence, harassment, intimidation, and even homicide, healthcare and social service workers face threats to their safety at a more frequent rate than other professions.

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