Get CMOM-Ready: 3 Courses to Prepare You for Certification Success

Posted by Practice Management Institute on Dec 3, 2021 8:22:15 AM
Practice Management Institute

Ready to level up your leadership skills in medical office management? Check out these three courses developed for new/aspiring practice managers who need to quickly build a foundation for effective leadership. They are also excellent precursor training for the Certified Medical Office Manager training course and certification exam. 

All CMOM foundation courses are offered in a self-paced, online training format to make it easier to fit into a busy schedule. If you want to access them all, scroll to the bottom for a discounted offer on bundled CMOM training courses.


Get CMOM-Ready with Foundation Courses Training

Management and Leadership in the Medical Practice (6hrs | $299)

Learn the skills and acumen to become a great practice leader with team motivation and patient engagement techniques designed to improve the practice's overall performance and quality measures.

This course covers the responsibilities of managing a medical office and covers the areas of compliance, practice administration, employee relations, financial management, and managed care delivery system.

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Medical Office Compliance (6hrs | $299)

Gain the facts on other essential details to keep your healthcare organization in compliance with federal guidelines and rules.

This course explains the responsibilities and liabilities in a medical office, specifically covering three major compliance risk areas in Medicare, HIPAA, and OSHA, and the seven elements of compliance that every practice must have in place.

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Optimizing the Patient Experience (3hrs | $199)

Satisfied and engaged patients are most likely to achieve better outcomes, which helps your office maximize payment incentives.

This course explains why team engagement is essential for MACRA and equips  you with the training and tools you need to create a patient-centric experience and measure patient satisfaction.

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Save $400 When You Purchase a Course Bundle

All three courses are available in the CMOM Course Bundle along with the CMOM course and exam. This training bundle will build a good foundation of knowledge in practice management and help you ace the CMOM program and exam. Review the details now and start your path to becoming a CMOM. 


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