Cultivating a Great Medical Office Team

Posted by Practice Management Institute on Oct 17, 2019 8:40:41 AM
Practice Management Institute

If you’ve been fortunate enough to assemble a team of medical office professionals that work well together to support the practice objectives, we applaud you! With today’s unemployment rates at an all-time low and medical jobs on the rise, cultivating a great team is hard work and can take months, even years to find the right fit.

Today’s robust job market means you need to do more to ensure your employees stick around. Forward-thinking managers that put significant effort into team building and retention are doing themselves a huge favor in terms of practice stability and growth. But if your employees don’t feel valued and appreciated, turnover will be inevitable. While you’re watching the almighty bottom line, your employees may have their eyes on one of the 1.9 million new healthcare jobs that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects to become available over the next 10 years.

Employee conflict and turnover is expensive and time consuming. A lot of practices struggle to find the right fit. Once you develop a great team, you still need to work to keep them around. Don’t overlook these tips to help you keep your employees and deliver a consistent patient experience.

Take the time to onboard properly. For many new employees understanding their role starts before they accept the position. When interviewing candidates, make sure you talk honestly about your workplace culture. If the candidate likes to work independently and you describe your office as a fast-paced, collaborative environment, they may not fit in with the rest of the team. Painting a clear picture helps establish expectations up front. 

Communicate on a regular basis. Keep a line of two-way communication open. Make yourself available and be honest and upfront when confronting problems and issues. Regularly scheduled check-ins are also a great way to connect with employees and get honest feedback.

Give praise when praise is due. Don’t wait until your employee’s annual job performance review to praise them. Instantaneous praise is gratifying and something they will most likely never forget. In fact, positive feedback produces a caring workplace culture, improves employee well-being and increases productivity. It’s a win-win for the practice and your patients.

Maintain a culture of respect. Lead by example. Showing your employees that you respect them and appreciate all their hard work goes a long way. Being courteous, considerate, and listening to new ideas to improve procedures will not only help encourage respect, it will ultimately thrive.

Invest in employee training. Whether it’s a new employee or an employee taking on a new role, training is a great way to encourage, motivate, and retain good employees. It’s also essential to their growth and satisfaction. Practice Management Institute offers a full range of training topics – classroom and online formats – designed for medical office professionals.

Look for additional training opportunities in the following places:

  • In-house training conducted by experience staff members
  • Community colleges continuing education departments
  • Workshops offered through medical societies, hospitals, and independent physician organizations
  • Traditional education through colleges, universities, trade schools, and correspondence courses.

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