How to Successfully Recruit and Select Qualified Healthcare Professionals for Your Medical Practice

Posted by Practice Management Institute on Oct 3, 2019 1:04:27 PM
Practice Management Institute

With patients to serve and open positions to fill recruiting qualified, caring healthcare professionals for your medical practice can be time consuming, overwhelming, and challenging. Learn how you can draw top talent and keep abreast of cutting-edge technology and new techniques with skilled, trained and knowledgeable employees. 

Medical office managers can reap the benefits of success by reviewing and applying the three essential steps to finding qualified employees. They include a well-written job description, recruiting, and the selection process. We provide an overview and discuss each one briefly below:

The Job Description 

We can’t overstate the importance of a well-written job description. It is the cornerstone for effective personnel management and the key to finding the perfect fit for both new and existing open positions. Not only does a job description provide control and structure, it also defines the employee’s responsibilities. By closely examining the administrative tasks involved in handling personnel, you can eliminate many of the most time-consuming tasks through realistic, up-to-date, dynamic job descriptions. In fact, the job description is the foundation for the entire spectrum of personnel management areas. Taking the initial time to develop a detailed and accurate job description can pay off in the end. Most likely you’ll be rewarded with a skilled pool of candidates to choose from.


The recruitment process involves both short and long term goals. For the short term you’ll want to create a vast resource of capable, qualified candidates interested in the position. There are several ways to achieve this including branding your organization, writing a five-star job description, placing an online ad, and getting the word out on your website. By implementing these recruiting practices you’ll increase the opportunities to landing the right candidates and those most likely to succeed. After identifying and locating viable candidates for your team the long-term goal is to provide a thriving work environment. In a recent survey conducted by CNBC employees seem to be most satisfied in work environments where they can reach their full performance potential through training and learning opportunities. A flexible work schedule doesn’t hurt either. 

Selecting the Right Candidates to Interview

Going through a pile of resumes is no easy job. But you can easily rule out a large number of them by scanning them for errors, incompleteness, and those that are poorly written. Next, screen for content, measuring the skills and experiences of all the candidates. Look for experience factors that indicate a proven record of accomplishment for similar tasks. Rate each candidate based on the quality of their resume and cover letter, work experience, education, and general characteristics with either an “A”, “B” or “C”. Separate them into three piles. Schedule interviews for all candidates you rated as an “A.” Remember to keep the number of candidates to interview manageable. If there are still too many, review them again. 

Ultimately, choosing the right candidates will be based on four attributes. They are:

  • experience
  • salary expectations
  • skills,  
  • and workplace chemistry. 

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