It's Almost CMOM Season: Prepare for New February Class

Posted by Practice Management Institute on Dec 29, 2021 11:00:00 AM
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The last few years have caused many of us to delay our plans on professional development and turn our attention to other things to help get us through. With a new year around the corner, it's time to reset and refocus on your career.

If you've been thinking about CMOM and getting certified in practice management, we're here to help you get back on track. Registration is now open for the Feb 23rd CMOM live online course. You can read all of the details on our CMOM page, and below you can find an overview along with FAQs. Get a refresher on what CMOM offers and includes, and take the steps towards career advancement.

CMOM Course Overview

What does CMOM cover?

CMOM teaches management skills to better manage risk, motivate employees, communicate with third-party payers, patients, and business associates, and improve the financial outlook in a medical office. Specifically, CMOM is broken out into five focus areas: practice management, personnel management, financial management, compliance, and managed care delivery system.

What does CMOM include?

The CMOM program has two class options available: self-paced to get certified on your schedule or join our next live instructor-led, online course series. CMOM enrollment includes:

  • Instructor-led online sessions
  • A digital course manual with workbook exercises
  • Printable end-of-module quizzes with answer keys
  • Proctored online certification exam

Are there requirements needed before enrolling?

Candidates for CMOM certification should have a minimum of one year of medical office experience. If you have less than a year of experience, PMI strongly recommends our fundamental training course, Management & Leadership for the Medical Practice, or take a look at our course bundle which includes three training courses along with the CMOM certification program.

Is there an intro session or webinar available to learn more information?

Yes! Feel free to listen to our recording on How to Prepare for CMOM Certification.  PMI CMOM instructor Linda D'Spain talks about the program, what to expect, and how to succeed. There's a brief form to complete to  view the recording online.

What PMI CMOM Students Are Saying

As we went through the program, I could not imagine managing a practice without the material that is covered in the course. I truly feel it is vital for any type of practice in the medical field. As a matter of fact, the information covered can be utilized in any management role. CMOM has given me the confidence to move ahead with my goal to be in the medical field and I'm proud to be a CMOM.”  - Dwayne Downs, CMOM, Claymont, DE

Start Your Journey to CMOM Certification

It's time to refocus on you and your career, and our team is here to help you get back on the CMOM saddle. Review our CMOM page for more details and contact us with any questions at 210-691-8900 or email us at:



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