4 Reasons Why It’s Time to Get a CMOM Certification

Posted by Practice Management Institute on May 26, 2021 4:18:01 PM
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As the pandemic fades, medical practices are adapting to a different work climate post-pandemic. You could say the “next normal” is far from normalcy as medical office managers struggle to hire and retain employees and continue to work through ongoing challenges like getting patients back to receive services, managing a reduction in cash flow, and watching for post-pandemic reimbursement and business process revisions.

All eyes are on practice managers to lead the ship into calmer waters. How will you get through the current volatility? Your experience, knowledge, and specialized expertise will lead the way to a successful outcome. Need a quick boost? Maybe now’s the time to get CMOM certified.

Why does becoming a CMOM matter?

Leading a busy medical practice comes with an incredible amount of responsibility. There's no time to stop and take a breath when everywhere you turn something or someone needs your attention. Whether it's hiring and supervising office staff, managing the practice cash flow, maintaining compliance, or ensuring patients are seen within a reasonable timeframe, each day presents new challenges. Studying to become a Certified Medical Office Manager (CMOM) can boost your knowledge and help you become a more effective and efficient practice manager.

Here are a few more reasons why you should get a CMOM certification:

You gain leadership expertise.

Medical Office Managers need every ounce of help they can get to keep a busy office running smoothly. CMOM provides you with training in the critical areas of practice, personnel, and financial management. You will quickly gain leadership and problem-solving skills to demonstrate competency in all areas of medical practice management. 

You stay current in practice management.

It is up to the medical office manager to ensure the practice is current at all times, especially with intricate guidelines and annual updates. The devil is in the details when it comes to medical coding, reimbursement, patient collections, and compliance. The CMOM curriculum lays it all out on the table in an understandable way to help you stay on top of ongoing changes in the industry.

You actively contribute to your practice’s success.

Medical practices are leaving money on the table more than ever. Why? because it is so difficult to keep up with changing carrier contracts, guidelines, and codes. The knowledge gained in the CMOM curriculum will help you find missed revenue opportunities by staying up to date on contracting and payer guidelines. You will also learn how to develop and maintain a budget, optimize patient collection procedures, and negotiate contracts more effectively.

You protect your practice from compliance errors and violations.

Patient data privacy and workplace safety are hot topics in today’s climate. CMOM provides training to guide you through HIPAA, OSHA, MACRA, risk management, and explains compliance protocols to avoid carrier or government audits and other legal issues. You will be a respected expert.

See if you’re ready. Take the Assessment.

Take our free 20-question medical office management assessment to test your knowledge right now for instant, personalized results and training recommendations.

Learn more about CMOM

Getting a certification offers many benefits to both you and your practice. Learn more details about CMOM including class formats, cost and payment plans, and curriculum when you visit our certification page.

Enroll in CMOM

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