PMI Certification Renewal Questions Answered

Posted by Nancy Clements on Jan 7, 2021 12:45:00 PM

This time of year, we get a lot of questions from certified professionals about keeping their credentials current. The good news is the process is not too complex. And, with a little pre-planning, renewing your certification(s) can be quick and easy.

PMI honors continuing education units (CEUs) from a variety of sources. Certified professionals are required to earn a minimum of 12 CEUs per calendar year to maintain active credential status. One CEU equals one hour of participation in a recognized continuing education program. At least nine of the CEUs earned must be obtained through training that is directly relevant to the core competency requirements associated with the certificate. The other three can be earned from other training topics.

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Where and How to Earn CEUs

CEUs can be earned from a variety of sources. All programs that have prior CEU approval through PMI or another qualified credentialing organization will be accepted. PMI has several options:

  1. Virtual Classes

Live classroom training is on hold during the pandemic, but our instructors are still teaching virtual classes. See what’s coming up.

  1. Online Training Center

PMI’s Online Training Center is a great way to learn and get CEUs when its convenient for you. All courses include instructor-narrated recordings, slide presentation and course manual. Access your digital materials from any computer in your password-protected PMI Portal for up to 6 months. CEU values are noted on each course. Browse individual topics (click each topic to view CEU credits). If you need to earn all your CEUs at once, consider our low-cost CEU package option.

  1. Total Access

If you are managing an office or work with other PMI-certified professionals, our Total Access subscription-based option which gives everyone in your office access to a wide variety of live and recorded training opportunities. View the Total Access page for more information.

  1. BC Advantage Magazine Online CEU Center

Subscribers to BC Advantage subscribers receive complimentary access to an online CEU center. Numerous organizations have approved these quizzes for a variety of CEU increments. PMI approves 1 CEU per CEU package available at

  1. CMS MedLearn Training

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services offers training for medical office professionals on their MedLearn Website. This training is free, and you can print a certificate for your records prior to exiting a course. Visit the website for more information.

  1. Professional Association Meetings

Attend professional association meetings that include an educational component with prior CEU approval (i.e., an educational presentation or a hands-on coding clinic).

We encourage you to visit our FAQ page where we have posted answers to many frequently-asked questions. Still need help? Send us an email with your certification ID number or “CEU” in the subject line.

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