Online Training for Non-Clinical Staff is Key to Practice Survival in Rapidly Changing Healthcare Climate

Posted by Practice Management Institute on Nov 29, 2018 11:12:30 AM
Practice Management Institute
Faced with the uncertainties of a healthcare law in flux, a changing regulatory environment and the inevitable perils of a confused insurance market, American physicians must deal with the challenge of rapidly training and certifying their non-clinical staff. Practice Management Institute suggests online training as an efficient solution.

(San Antonio, TX) July 31, 2017—The $3 trillion spent annually on U.S. healthcare is expected to grow to an estimated 18% of the gross domestic product by 2018.(1) Increasing demands placed on physicians and their non-clinical personnel are expected to grow along with this. As political debates rage in Congress that will affect the future of American healthcare’s changing insurance laws, regulations and finances, the question for a successful medical practice is not whether its non-clinical staff will keep up with the complex business environment of medicine, but rather, how. Practice Management Institute points to what has proven to be the most effective and efficient means for training administrative staff.

“It’s imperative that offices be staffed with well-trained professionals  so that the physician can focus on the main mission at hand: the health of his or her patients,” said David Womack, president and CEO of Practice Management Institute (PMI).“ “Access to training resources that protect providers from risks is imperative in today’s highly regulated healthcare environment.” cites a Brandon Hall study which found that eLearning requires approximately 40% to 60% less employee time than studying the same material with an instructor in a classroom setting. It can be done asynchronously, when the student needs it, in a way that doesn’t interrupt workflow.(2) Self-scheduled training can be controlled according to the demands of an individual employee who is dealing with high levels of stress and a long workday.

“In the last few years it has become more difficult for medical office staff to get away from the office to attend training,” said Womack. “But with big changes in physician reimbursement models and potential for healthcare breaches and billing audits, the need for training is more important than ever.That’s why earlier this year, we adapted much of our medical coding and billing, and office management curriculum to an eLearning format.”

In an Ambient Insight report on the 2012-2017 mobile learning market, a whopping 42% of the companies studied said that eLearning had led to increased revenues.(3) For medical groups, increased efficiency and profitability were shown to lead to upgraded clinical facilities, which then helped them to compete in attracting more qualified doctors, nurses and technicians. The net result was improved patient care.

“Traditional classroom learning is still a big part of what we do,” said Womack. “Bringing our curriculum Online meets the needs of more professionals in places where we don’t teach, or to provide an opportunity to train when it’s convenient for the student. Whether taught in a classroom or via PMI’s Online Training Center, our faculty and curriculum are focused on helping medical office professionals improve individual job performance and overall practice productivity and compliance.”

Online training certificates offered by PMI include certification for medical coding billing, management, and compliance professionals. Training is applicable to wide spectrum of specialties.For more information on PMI’s certifications and training programs, please visit

About Practice Management Institute (PMI):

For more than 30 years, Practice Management Institute (PMI) has helped physicians, hospital systems, medical societies and educational institutions provide comprehensive education and training to medical office staff nationwide. By offering a variety of educational programs and professional certifications, PMI helps to build competency, compliancy and effectiveness that assure the continued success of its clients.

Since PMI’s formation in 1983, more than 20,000 individuals have earned certification in one more areas of expertise. PMI is recognized by both the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Department of Labor for training in medical coding, third-party billing, office management, and compliance. PMI training helps ease the burden of running a successful medical practice through thorough education and up-to-date training for non-clinical staff, allowing physicians to focus on patient care to improve the experience of the patient. For more information, visit

About David Womack:

David Womack, president and CEO of PMI, has been instrumental in PMI’s continued success since 1991. He has helped PMI transition into a cutting-edge leader in medical office staff education and training while developing key relationships with healthcare organizations, hospitals, colleges and medical societies across the country. His commitment to excellence has helped PMI become an industry leader recognized by both governmental organizations and healthcare systems across the country.


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