Time Management Tips For Increased Patient Satisfaction

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How to Effectively Manage Your Staff’s Time

In today’s fast paced, digital era, customer reviews and feedback will make or break a business, especially a medical practice. Patients have less time on their hands and higher expectations. Time management is an important patient satisfaction benchmark and just one hiccup can cost you in more ways in than one.

Join us for a free online webinar on Time Management Tips For Increased Patient Satisfaction on Friday, August 23 at noon CDT. PMI Faculty Member Linda D’Spain, will share her insights and give best practices to manage your staff’s time better. Start streamlining your office’s processes with a few changes and deliver best-in-class service to your patients.

If your office is experiencing a domino effect of communication problems, scheduling backlogs, and patient complaints, this webinar is for you! Complete the form at right to register now.