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I was really worried about signing up for this class, but Kem has eased most of those worries. She is entertaining, engaging and the material is presented in a very user friendly fashion. My whole practice is going to be changed when I finish with this program!

Natasha Jankowski, CMOM

I can’t say enough about the professionalism from PMI during my path to excellence in becoming a CMOM. While I am happy that MultiCare Regional Cancer Center is part of a large healthcare organization, learning the components of the course has helped me to appreciate all that goes into managing a practice. I have used the education component of the program daily in my leadership role and am so appreciative to PMI for creating such an organized course. Although I will be the first in the state of Washington to obtain the CMOM-HEM/ONC certification, I am certainly talking it up to other leaders within my organization and I look to lead the way for many CMOMs to come.”

Alicia Duvall, RN, CMOM

“University Health System has appreciated the opportunity to partner with PMI to help support knowledge development in current best practices of medical practice providers and staff in the region.  The health system, ranked Best Hospital in the region and sixth best in the state by U.S. News & World Report for six years in a row, seeks to serve regional practices and facilities with excellent services and leadership.  The system also serves as the regional anchor for the 1115 Healthcare Transformation Waiver and the region’s only civilian Level 1 Trauma Center for adults and pediatrics.  PMI has done a great job of providing cutting edge training and we are pleased to work with them.”

Ted Day, EVP, Strategic Planning and Business Development
University Health System- San Antonio

“Practice Management Institute has decades of experience providing medical practices with administrative/management training and certification.  Manatee County Medical Society is proud to partner exclusively with PMI to provide our members and staff with up-to-date, quality, and affordable higher education in the convenience of their office or home. This will allow practices to become more efficient, retain their valuable employees, and maneuver the constant changes in healthcare.”

Valerie Vale, Exec. Director, Manatee County Medical Society

"I am incredibly pleased with the Medical Front Office Skills course. I believe that it captures what it means to be a front office specialist. From clear customer service technique and personal development to clinical terminology and medical ethics, this course has allowed me to expound upon several years of on-the-job training in two days. I am so grateful to Practice Management Institute for developing a timely certification that coincides with my busy schedule. I’m certain that there are many people – like me – who want to learn how to better serve their patients but may not have the ability to commit to the rigor of higher education."

Alexandria Smith, Bridgeville, DE

“We were most pleased with the comprehensive prospective chart audit services. The reports at the provider and overall level were well prepared. 

The auditor’s review of the results and recommendations with providers was well received.  Special thanks to you for coordinating and to Audrey Coaxum for performing the service.”

David DiFiore
Vice President, Clinical Operations
Joslin Diabetes Center

“There is an identified need for local in-person and online continuing education opportunities for area medical office teams. Aside from that availability, these courses address the need for an affordable alternative when it comes to continuing education in Southeast Texas.”

Dr. Ben Stafford, VP Workforce Training at Lamar State College Port Arthur, TX

“We hire a large number of remote coders. We recently considered a few of your credentialed coders and I have been extremely impressed. All of them scored far higher on our tests than anyone. Just as a reference, they basically outscored more than 350 other coders.”

Doug McDonald, Outcomes Health Information Solutions

"We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership between Foothills Medical Society and the Practice Management Institute, a collaboration designed to empower our physician members through enhanced practice management and staff training. This partnership reflects our commitment to providing our members with the resources they need to excel in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape. By leveraging the Practice Management Institute's comprehensive training programs, our members can look forward to running more efficient, effective practices with teams that are equipped with the latest in healthcare management strategies. Together, we are setting the stage for a future where better trained staff lead to better patient outcomes and more successful practices."

Stephen Boucher, FMS Executive Director, Foothills Medical Society

“The Medical Society of Delaware is delighted to underscore the exceptional value and numerous benefits that our educational partnership has brought to our esteemed members and their medical practices. Since the inception of this collaboration, we have witnessed transformative outcomes that have significantly contributed to their professional growth and success.

Through our joint efforts, we have curated and delivered a comprehensive array of educational resources, training modules, certifications and specialized programs tailored to the unique needs of medical practice staff. The impact is evident in the enhanced skills, advanced knowledge, and increased confidence they have gained, leading to a noticeable elevation in the quality of care and services provided.

This partnership has not only acted as a valuable source of continuous learning but has also facilitated the adoption of best practices, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative methodologies. As a result, our members have been better equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of healthcare, stay abreast of the latest advancements, and ultimately elevate the standard of care they deliver to their patients.

We take pride in the role our educational partnership plays in fostering professional development, networking opportunities, and a supportive community for our members. Together, we are not just shaping individual careers but contributing to the overall advancement of health care practices. Looking ahead, we are committed to further enriching this partnership to ensure a sustained positive impact on our members and their medical practices.”

Lynn M. Robinson, HRMC, CMC, CMOM, Director, Physician Relations and Professional Education, Medical Society of Delaware

"At ECMS, we understand that well-trained staff are pivotal to a medical practice’s success. Our partnership with Practice Management Institute (PMI) to offer Medical Office Staff training underscores this belief, equipping our physician members’ teams with essential skills. This initiative not only enhances operational efficiency and patient care but also cultivates a workplace where staff feel valued, fostering a sense of belonging, importance, and loyalty. It's a testament to our commitment to the comprehensive success of our members' practices, ensuring that a skilled and contented team underpins every thriving healthcare environment."

Laura Griffin, Executive Director, Escambia County Medical Society

“From an employer’s perspective, it was important to set a baseline of knowledge for our managers and supervisors, and I wanted to integrate a program that was recognized in the industry. I learned about PMI and the CMOM program from a nearby university medical center that required all their office managers to be certified. The concept having a standard baseline for competence and knowledge – something shared by peers – was an important step toward elevating manager effectiveness.”

Lindsay Usher, MA, PHR, SHRM-CP, PCC, Director of Human Resources - Northern California Medical Associates

"As healthcare professionals, it is essential we equip our management team with the best tools and education to do their jobs to the best of their ability. Their success becomes your success as you strive to deliver patient centric care in a compassionate and highly productive environment. The recent pandemic has proven the value of training and education when unexpected events require your management team to be resilient, compassionate and resourceful.

PMI offers many educational classes that will equip your management team to be ready for the unexpected and maintain consistent support for their staff. As Zig Ziglar said, “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.”

Deborah McNeilance, MBA, CMOM, CMIS, CPC, CMC
Chief Operating Officer Huron Gastro

Texas State Technical College has partnered with PMI to provide medical practice based continuing educational programming that brings tangible results to the workday of medical office professionals in Texas. Our partnership has yielded phenomenal results, especially through the Texas Workforce Commission's Skills for Small Business and Skills Development Fund initiatives aimed at lifting up Texas businesses through training. I've seen what can happen when partnerships, focused on the end user, can be transformative. Our partnership with Practice Management Institute (PMI) is proof of that. TSTC remains grateful to PMI for the opportunity to partner with them and provide these important courses in our many service areas."

Cindy Brunett
Senior Project Manager Workforce Training
Texas State Technical College 

"I am incredibly pleased with the Medical Front Office Skills course. I believe that it captures what it means to be a front office specialist. From clear customer service technique and personal development to clinical terminology and medical ethics, this course has allowed me to expound upon several years of on-the-job training in two days. I am so grateful to Practice Management Institute for developing a timely certification that coincides with my busy schedule. I’m certain that there are many people – like me – who want to learn how to better serve their patients but may not have the ability to commit to the rigor of higher education."

Alexandria Smith, Bridgeville, DE

"The Monroe County Medical Society members have benefitted from the outstanding programs developed and presented by the Practice Management Institute for many ,many years.  I am proud of this long-standing partnership that has brought a high level of organization, programming and education to MCMS members.  Thank you for the continued support!"


Lucia Castillejo, MS
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Monroe County Medical Society

“MSHO is thrilled to have partnered with the Practice Management Institute (PMI), to be the exclusive MI provider of the Certified Medical Office Manager – HEM/ONC certification program to the hematology and oncology profession.  We are extremely proud that one of our own, Deborah McNeilance, B.S., CMC, CMIS, CMOM, CPC, developed the curriculum and taught the course.  CMOM-HEM/ONC certification demonstrates that our administrators have achieved advanced knowledge and skills to successfully navigate through the constant sea of changes in the healthcare environment.”

Mary Kay Makarewicz, Executive Director
Michigan Society of Hematology and Oncology

"Washington County Community College (WCCC) is delighted to be working with PMI to prepare learners for exciting career opportunities in the medical field while working to meet workforce challenges here in Maine. This exciting partnership with PMI allows us to offer relevant and rigorous coursework taught by national leading experts, specifically in the field of Medical Coding and Billing. PMI shares many of the same fundamental educational beliefs and practices around commitment to learner success, individualized learning assistance, and high standards of course content. Because of this, we are looking forward to expanded partnership around professional development and re-certification courses."

Nichole Sawyer
Dean of Workforce and Professional Development
Washington County Community College

“I thought I knew everything I needed to perform my duties. This class was an eye opener! I have been in my job for 10+ years and I can only wish I had taken the course back then. Incredibly valuable information no matter how much experience you have. Highly recommend.”

Jacquelyn Arzooyan, CMOM
Ann Arbor, MI

“My experience in taking the CMOM course has not only provided me with the tools necessary to manage a practice, but also to do it more effectively and efficiently. Before taking the course, I had a background in sales and customer service, with some experience in management. Throughout the curriculum of the class I was continuously impressed with the material covered. I have never worked for a practice or in the medical field, so it was all new, but easily adaptable.

As we went through the program, I could not imagine managing a practice without the material that is cover in the course. I truly feel it is vital for any type of practice in the medical field. As a matter of fact, the information covered can be utilized in any management role. CMOM has given me the confidence to move ahead with my goal to be in the medical field and I'm proud to be a CMOM.”

Dwayne Downs, CMOM
Newark, DE

“In 2015, it was imperative that Hendrick locate a well-established, EXPERT training partner to instruct our providers in ICD-10 E&M coding.  After an extensive search and interview process, PMI was the clear choice.  Through this partnership, Hendrick and PMI were able to deliver successful ICD-10 E&M training to 182 people consisting of 40 physicians across 20 facilities in a 118-mile radius.  This week-long, specialty-specific training helped ensure Hendrick Provider Network did not lose the estimated 50% in revenue related to the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 coding.

Due to the success of this initial partnership, Hendrick Provider Network has continued to partner with PMI through TWC grants.  The training and certification opportunities with PMI allowed Hendrick Provider Network to build and implement career ladders for numerous employees.   In turn, these educational and career ladder opportunities have driven greater employee confidence, increased employee and physician engagement and ultimately created superior patient confidence and satisfaction in their entire healthcare team.

As a result of our continued partnership with PMI, Hendrick has been able to provide 17 employees with CMC certification, 17 employees with CMOM certification, 8 employees with CMCA-EM certification, 35 employees with Medical Front Office Skills certification and 11 employees with CMCO certification and we look forward to our continued partnership with PMI.  Together, we can make significant strides in healthcare education which will ultimately help provide better patient care.”

Marjohn Riney, BA, CMPE, CMCO, Operations Manager
Hendrick Health Abilene, TX

“I just wanted to share with you all the positive outcome from our employees since we started this program. Our employee morale has increased. Our employees feel more confident in answering questions from the patients. There is a sense of pride in their work and work ethics. They all have placed their certificates up in their work areas.

We have enjoyed the program and look forward to future training with you all. On behalf of HQ Chiropractic, we want to thank you all for the time invested to better educate our employees.” 

Betty Quiroz
Odessa TX

“For over three years, South Texas College has partnered with PMI to provide training programs that directly impact the job of medical office professionals. The quality of PMI’s programs, as well as the expertise and professionalism of their instructors, is excellent. Our students are always pleased with the programs that PMI provides. We are grateful to PMI for the opportunity to partner with them and provide these services in our community.”

Olivia de la Rosa, Director- Continuing, Professional, and Workforce Education, South Texas College - McAllen, TX 

“As an employer, I strongly value education and support all my staff for continued learning and updating so we can all work as a team and speak the same language! I am so grateful to PMI for really changing my life professionally as well as personally. I can work smarter not harder and have more free time with my family!”

Linda D. Parsi, MD, MBA, CPEDC, FAAP

“I just wanted to take a moment and share with you how thankful I am for you guys. We honestly have been so anxious about the impending ICD10 roll out and have had a lot of anxiety with our Practice Software upgrades and changes. We’ve been trying to get prepared and I honestly can say that Pam coming here to guide us and teach us as a team and practice has been so critically necessary. We feel as though Pam had an amazing insight, great resource, and a perfect teacher for us. Thank you both for your efforts on getting "operation ICD10” underway with our practice. Couldn’t have done it without you guys!! Thanks again!!”

Chaya Burson, Office Manager, Barker Bariatric Center, Dallas, TX

“My previous job was Practice Administrator in an OBGYN practice for 17 years. PMI was responsible for my landing a fantastic job as Director of Billing at a very large Neurosurgery practice. One of the requirements was being a certified coder. I am very grateful for PMI. I have learned skills that have made me marketable and a great success in the field!”

Naomi Ziemba, CMC

“I wanted to share my comments on why it is so important to be certified in the medical field these days. I am a certified medical coder & have received my CMC thru PMI in August of 2006 with the help and hard work of my instructor Rose Moore. I recently made the move from Danville VA to Rock Hill SC. My certification played a major role in why I was hired in May 2009 with my employer here in Rock Hill SC. Also, the economy was uncertain in early 2009. I was offered a great job at Digestive Diseases Associates at their newest state of the art Endoscopy Ambulatory surgery center in Rock Hill. The physicians here told me that being certified is very important because it shows that an employee is not only qualified for the job, but also cares about the job that they are hired to do.

So, when it comes to getting that certification in your field getting there is a commitment and you also will have a great time doing it! And all of the people you meet makes it all the more fun and interesting!”

Patty Tesch, CMC Rock Hill, SC

“I just wanted to let all of you know that you are indeed a wonderful group to work with. I hear this kind of comment very often when speaking to our certified professionals. They tell me how wonderful the faculty members are or how Donna, Marguerite & Paige spoil them, I mean help them with their needs. Everyone of you are special to many, many people throughout the country and yes, we do make a difference in their lives and professions."

Jean Hawley, Colorado Retina Associates

“On behalf of the CMOM attendees and Akron General, I want to acknowledge what a fantastic job Maxine Collins has done with this week's PMI program. The attendees are having a wonderful experience and great time with Max. Her personality just lights up a room and has made this CMOM class extremely enjoyable for all the participants. A hearty thanks to PMI (and especially Max) for a job well done!!! You guys are the best!”

Dennis Nordquest, Manager, Physician Relations
Akron General Medical Center

“CMOM was a deep dive into the structure, compliance, finance, personnel, and insurance knowledge necessary to be an effective healthcare organization leader.”

Jason Buss, Bryan Health - Lincoln, NE