The PMI Department of Institutional Development and Workforce Initiatives partners with colleges and universities throughout the US to provide a robust catalog of continuing educational courses, nationally recognized certification programs, as well as our Medical Coding and Billing Academy. 


Our reason for partnering with colleges can be summed up in one quote:

 "Washington County Community College (WCCC) is delighted to be working with PMI to prepare learners for exciting career opportunities in the medical field while working to meet workforce challenges here in Maine. This exciting partnership with PMI allows us to offer relevant and rigorous coursework taught by national leading experts, specifically in the field of Medical Coding and Billing. PMI shares many of the same fundamental educational beliefs and practices around commitment to learner success, individualized learning assistance, and high standards of course content. Because of this, we are looking forward to expanded partnership around professional development and re-certification courses."

-Nichole Sawyer
Dean of Workforce and Professional Development
Washington County Community College



When I started in healthcare, my goal was to get a job in the front office for a year and move on to a different career path. By taking that first step into the unknown, it led me down the road of success. In my 30 year journey, I developed a passion for health care and I believe it all started in the front office.

“Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll be able to see further.”  -Thomas Carlyle

Ada X Gonzalez, CMCO, CMOM

Vice President, Revenue Cycle

DHR Health

 DHR Health


These college relationships are so important for so many reasons, but in particular, it’s the opportunity PMI has had to connect the dots to align hospitals and medical practices with colleges in long-lasting partnerships that lift up the healthcare industry, and in many cases, allow state-funded workforce initiatives to cover training costs.


TSTC-Hendrick TWC Skills Development Funds Grant Photo-1“In 2015, it was imperative that Hendrick locate a well-established, EXPERT training partner to instruct our providers in ICD-10 E&M coding.  After an extensive search and interview process, PMI was the clear choice.  Through this partnership, Hendrick and PMI were able to deliver successful ICD-10 E&M training to 182 people consisting of 40 physicians across 20 facilities in a 118-mile radius.  This week-long, specialty-specific training helped ensure Hendrick Provider Network did not lose the estimated 50% in revenue related to the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 coding.

Due to the success of this initial partnership, Hendrick Provider Network has continued to partner with PMI through TWC grants.  The training and certification opportunities with PMI allowed Hendrick Provider Network to build and implement career ladders for numerous employees. In turn, these educational and career ladder opportunities have driven greater employee confidence, increased employee and physician engagement, and ultimately created superior patient confidence and satisfaction in their entire healthcare team. 

As a result of our continued partnership with PMI, Hendrick has been able to provide 17 employees with CMC certification, 17 employees with CMOM certification, 8 employees with CMCA-EM certification, 35 employees with Medical Front Office Skills certification, and 11 employees with CMCO certification and we look forward to our continued partnership with PMI.  Together, we can make significant strides in healthcare education which will ultimately help provide better patient care. “

 Marjohn Riney, BA, CMPE, CMCO
Operations Manager



In December 2021, a third grant was secured for Hendrick Health System to expand training for 187 employees serving in front desk, management, coding, compliance, and billing roles. It included certification training for key staff: Certified Medical Office Manager (CMOM)® , Certified Medical Coder (CMC)®, Certified Medical Insurance Specialist (CMIS)®, and Certified Medical Compliance Officer (CMCO)®.

These training grants were made possible through a Skills Development Fund grant approved by the Texas Workforce Commission to lift up Hendrick Health employees as they work to maintain standards of excellence. 


PMI College partnerships are making a difference in medical practices large and small. Thanks, Tyler Junior College and Holly Zeid! Proud to be a part of the Zeid Medical Group success story.

"Zeid Medical Group is extremely thankful for the opportunity to be able to participate in a Skills for Small Business training grant for the last 3 years. The Practice Management Institute / Tyler Junior College training initiative is an efficient way to enhance our staff’s individual office skills. This helps to create a more functional and professional office to better serve out patient’s needs, thereby promoting a trusting patient physician relationship. It also gives our staff a chance to learn skills that they might not be able to afford. Thank you Tyler Junior College and PMI!"

Holly Zeid
Zeid Medical Group




Here’s what other partners are saying:

"For the past five years, Texas State Technical College has partnered with PMI to provide medical practice-based continuing educational programming that brings tangible results to the workday of medical office professionals in Texas. Our partnership has yielded phenomenal results, especially through the Texas Workforce Commission’s Skills for Small Business and Skills Development Fund initiatives aimed at lifting up Texas businesses through training.  I’ve seen what can happen when partnerships, focused on the end-user, can be transformative.  Our partnership with Practice Management Institute (PMI) is proof of that.  TSTC remains grateful to PMI for the opportunity to partner with them and provide these important courses in our many service areas.”

Cindy Brunett
Executive Director

Workforce Training
Texas State Technical College  
tx state tech collpar logo

 "For over three years, South Texas College has partnered with PMI to provide training programs that directly impact the job of medical office professionals. The quality of PMI’s programs, as well as the expertise and professionalism of their instructors, is excellent. Our students are always pleased with the programs that PMI provides. We are grateful to PMI for the opportunity to partner with them and provide these services in our community.”

Olivia de la Rosa
Dean- Continuing, Professional, and Workforce Education
South Texas College, McAllen, TX

s tx collpar logo

If your college would like more information about partnering with PMI, please contact Michael Moore at 800-259-5562, Ext. 270 or email Michael directly at