HIPAA Compliance & Your Medical Practice

How to Avoid HIPAA Violations & Stay Compliant

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Improving the privacy protection of health information is a #1 priority for all medical practices. Most of the responsibility for maintaining HIPAA compliance lies on the medical office managers since they supervise the collecting, handling, and storage of large amounts of patient data on a day-to-day basis. 

Managers must be intimately familiar with HIPAA guidelines and requirements in addition to current medical office compliance issues and standards. But, with updates and changes routinely made to compliance, how can you ensure you stay successful in your role? Download this ebook to learn how to protect your practice and stay HIPAA compliant.

Specifically, this ebook discusses:

  • HIPAA security standards
  • Common HIPAA compliant transactions
  • HIPAA violations and fines
  • Checklists for different compliance safeguard areas
  • How to stay current with HIPAA compliance

Maintain compliance and stay successful in your role. Download the ebook HIPAA Compliance & Your Medical Practice today.




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