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Best Practices for Recruiting & Hiring a Great Medical Office Team

A Free Guide for Medical Office Managers

bestpractices for recruiting and hiring

Medical Practice Providers, Clinicians, and Operational teams work together to achieve positive clinical outcomes and a great patient experience.

Staffing vacancies erode productivity, synergy, and the patient experience. This is why medical office managers need an agile recruitment process to maintain a coordinated team.

But good help is more difficult to find these days. Staffing shortages that resulted from pandemic furloughs and the “great resignation” phenomenon of 2021 are slowly rebounding. Healthcare employment is making a comeback; however, a competitive hiring climate means that healthcare managers need to refresh their approach to recruitment, management, and retention.

This guide will help you step up your recruiting process so you can find the right fit. From writing great job descriptions and advertising to interviewing and selecting your top candidate - we'll share some recruiting, hiring, training, and retention best practices that will set you up for success.



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