Medical Coding and Billing Requirements for E/M Services in 2023

Free Webinar - Wednesday, November 30

11:00 am to 2:00 p.m. Central Time

This free session is open to all PMI Certified Professionals with active certification status only. 

Changes to Evaluation and Management (E/M) coding and leveling methodologies will affect medical billing for inpatient services, observation, consultations, emergency departments, home, and residential visits, and skilled nursing facilities. New guidelines mean new clinical documentation requirements which will require you to modify how you code for a variety of services. 

PMI Instructor Jan Hailey will share expert guidance on best practices for E/M coding and billing, outline the new clinical documentation requirements, work through real-life scenarios, and share tips for the proper application of the updated E/M guidelines and code changes. 

Session highlights include information on how to:

  1. choose the correct level of service based on medical decision-making or time

  2. review the appropriate use of the prolonged service codes and medical documentation requirements

  3. navigate changes to the key components of medical history and exam, and how to apply these elements to the new guidelines

  4. properly document and bill for E/M services in 2023, and how to accurately report prolonged services. This information is vital to clean claims submission and timely payment in 2023.

This information-rich session will help you keep your practice on track and financially viable into the New Year.


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Medical Coding and Billing Requirements for E/M Services in 2023